Office of the Colorado State Public Defender

2024 Malware Event Information

Notice of Data Event

Updated March 15, 2024 

The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender (“OSPD”) provides notice of a matter that may involve certain individuals’ personal information. This notice provides individuals with information about this matter, OSPD’s response, and steps individuals may take to protect personal information should they feel it is appropriate to do so.


On or about February 9, 2024, OSPD identified that certain computer systems were locked by malware. In response to this matter, OSPD took steps to contain the spread of the malware, safely and securely recover systems, and continues conducting a thorough assessment to determine what occurred. OSPD began providing online updates regarding this matter on February 11, 2024, and continued to provide periodic updates on its website as response efforts progress. Through the ongoing assessment of this matter, it was identified that some files were copied without permission in early February 2024. Those files may include an individual's name, Social Security number, driver’s license or identification card number, other government identification number, medical information, and/or health insurance identification number.


Individuals may consider remaining vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud by reviewing relevant account statements and monitoring free credit reports for suspicious activity and to detect errors. Individuals may also review the section linked below, titled “Steps Individuals Can Take To Protect Personal Information.”  Additionally, a list of frequently asked questions about this matter can be found linked below.


Individuals may write to OSPD about this matter at The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, 1300 Broadway, Suite 400, Denver, Colorado 80203.




Office of the Colorado State Public Defender